Introducing the City

 Visiting and reconnaissance trip

 Coordinating the Move

 Obtaining removal quotes up to delivering to your new home

 Finding Accommodation

 Preselecting accommodation

 House viewings

 Paperwork from the owner

 Inventory and signing the contract

 Starting subscriptions and home insurance

 Enrolling Your Children

 Advising and choosing educational institutions

 Pre-registration and enrollment paperwork

 Meetings with teaching staff

 Follow-ups until enrollment is confirmed

 Carrying out Administrative Procedures


 Bank account


 Social welfare and social security

 Renting/ buying a vehicle

 Converting driving licenses

 Helping You Integrate Smoothly

 Language courses

 Sport, leisure, culture

 Partner’s professional and social integration

 Daily Guidance

 Doctors, personal care, craftsmen, and freelance professions

 Assistance and follow-ups for one or several months

 Preparing Your Departure

 Housing: ending contracts and exit formalities

 Cancelations: bank, insurance, contracts, registrations and taxes

 Moving and relocating


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