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EXPAT-EXPRESS is an independent relocation agency, based in Bordeaux.

EXPAT-EXPRESS was created and is managed by Murielle Mégias, who graduated with a Master’s from the University of Lyon and Bournemouth University (United Kingdom). Murielle worked in Paris for several years, and has personally experienced the life of an expatriate in England and also in Switzerland where she worked for an international organization in Geneva for over ten years, in a multicultural and international environment. She’s therefore acutely aware of all the problems faced when changing location and integrating professionally, culturally and socially into another country or city.

EXPAT-EXPRESS is aimed at both Francophones and non-Francophones. The EXPAT-EXPRESS team is bilingual in French and English and has developed real expertise in guiding people who speak little French or none at all, in order to meet their specific needs for supervision and integration.

EXPAT-EXPRESS works together with the SNPRM (Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité) and the European organization EARP (European Academy of Relocation Professionals), and is recognized and qualified by these organizations (European Relocation Qualification certification ERQ1).


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