The real estate market in Bordeaux: prices and trends for 2016

6 April 2016 | Murielle MEGIAS

Several reports and studies issued at the beginning of 2016 describe the evolution of the real estate market in and around Bordeaux during 2015.

In general, as interest rates are remaining very low, and prices quite stable or even decreasing in several Departments and areas of the big Aquitaine region, the number of real-estate transactions went up by 18% in 2015.

However, there is a real gap between Bordeaux and the very attractive Atlantic coast areas on the one hand, and the rest of the Aquitaine region on the other hand.

For instance, average sale prices are about 3400 € per m2 in Bordeaux for old homes, and new homes cost around 4150 €/m2 in Bordeaux, and 3700 €/m2 in the Bordeaux Metropolis.

What are the trends for 2016?

Prices are increasing in Bordeaux city center as well as the train station district and the Bassins à Flot area which are very dynamic and attractive areas. This is also the case in some coastal zones such as Arcachon. Elsewhere, and especially in other departments of the big Aquitaine region, sale prices are stable or slightly decreasing.

However, the strong population growth in Bordeaux and its constant attractivity, added to the scarcity of available housing, raises concern that real-estate prices will go up in Bordeaux and its region, even soaring prices as some observers mentioned…

2016 will definitely be telling for Bordeaux real-estate.

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