The ‘carte scolaire’ -school district map- for public middle school or public secondary school to be amended soon?

23 November 2015 | Murielle MEGIAS

Since October 2015, the Ministry of Education has been working on redefining school districts for each public secondary school. It only affects ten experimental departments for now (not including Gironde), but it might be extended to the entire national territory.

 Until today, a specific geographical area is associated with one specific middle (secondary) school, the possible reform would then associate several secondary schools in one extended sector.

 Departments are for now responsible for the school district map for their own territory, but the goal is to foster social diversity, in particular in certain schools.

 The State would then play a part in assigning pupils in some particular secondary school according to social origins. The law has not been passed yet, and will certainly cause some political opposition.

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