Finding Accommodation

Your future home will certainly be your prime concern. It may also be the source of some anxiety due to your presumably limited knowledge of the region, city, and its districts, as well as all the other processes involved in renting or buying a home in France or Bordeaux.

EXPAT-EXPRESS will advise and assist you through all the processes and find you a home that meets your expectations. From initial selection to handing over the keys to your new house or apartment in Bordeaux or its surrounding areas.

This search will apply to both temporary and permanent accommodation, furnished or unfurnished. In the event of temporary accommodation, the most suitable solutions will be considered and to simplify matters this may include residential hotels.

EXPAT-EXPRESS will define your preferences with you, prepare a preselection of available apartments or houses, organize meetings and accompany you on your house viewings if you’re already in France, or create a precise account of these viewings if you aren’t yet in the area.

EXPAT-EXPRESS will also produce all the paperwork for a tenancy, by obtaining and submitting the estate agent or landlord’s application form. If a purchase is involved, legal procedures will be followed with the participation of a notary.

EXPAT-EXPRESS will consider the best options with you to ensure your application for the property follows the owner's procedures and requirements. So, if you don't have a work contract, or a fixed and regular income, if you don't pay your taxes in France or if you don’t have a guarantor living in France, EXPAT-EXPRESS will be able to set up a bank guarantee with you at a French or international bank to enable you to rent an apartment of your choice.

Once the final accommodation has been selected and reserved, EXPAT-EXPRESS will help take an inventory and be present for the signing of the tenancy agreement (and every other process involved in buying).

EXPAT-EXPRESS will assist you in getting your home up and running, setting up your electricity, water, gas, phone, television and internet connection, as well as getting compulsory home insurance.

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