Introducing the City

Before arriving and settling in Bordeaux or its surroundings, the Gironde department or Aquitaine region, you will certainly be curious and need to visit the city and region, in the form of a reconnaissance trip.

The program for the day will be entirely customized to suit your needs, preferences and questions. This day of discovery may be essential to the future choices you make regarding where you live, schooling, leisure activities, etc. This introductory tour can in certain cases be organized jointly with your future employer, and also give you the opportunity to make a final decision on whether to accept the work contract which requires the relocation of you and eventually your whole family.

EXPAT-EXPRESS can welcome you as soon as you arrive at the airport or train station, to accompany you on your day or half-day spent discovering the city of Bordeaux and it’s various districts, or a specific region, and all the key locations for your future life. This would include your workplace, possible places to live, schools and educational institutions for your children, shopping, transport, cultural centers, sports facilities, tourist attractions, and all the other useful spots that will be important to your future integration.

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