Depending on your circumstances and your nationality, some administrative procedures are obligatory in order to settle in France, others will be necessary or recommended after your arrival. EXPAT-EXPRESS is here to advise you and assist you through all administrative procedures, in particular:

                                      Immigration Procedures: work and residence permits (for a non-European expatriate and his accompanying family), as well as their renewal, and travel documents for an underage child. These formalities will be assessed with your future employer. EXPAT-EXPRESS will make sure they file the paperwork and keep you and your employer correctly informed, and if necessary, accompany you on visits to relevant authorities such as the local French Préfecture, embassies and local departments of the OFII, Consulate, etc.

                                      Bank Account: depending on your requirements, EXPAT-EXPRESS will advise you and carry out all the procedures that will enable you to open a French bank account (required for paying rent and bills) and related services (credit cards, check book, etc.). Other questions regarding banking or finance can be discussed with you.

                                      Insurance: EXPAT-EXPRESS will brief you on the various obligatory insurance policies (house, car and public liability) and necessary or recommended insurance during your stay in France (health insurance, legal insurance, insurance for travel and leisure activities, etc.). EXPAT-EXPRESS will be able to put forward different offers, and help you to take them up.

                                      Welfare Protection: registering for state health insurance and/or family allowances fund (la Caisse d’Allocation Familiale), depending on your circumstances and your country of origin. The formalities for the local health insurance fund (la Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) can also be carried out on behalf of or in coordination with your company. EXPAT-EXPRESS assists you through each procedure and all the paperwork.

                                      Renting or Buying and Licensing a Vehicle: EXPAT-EXPRESS assists you through all the procedures and paperwork for renting for short or long periods, or buying vehicles as well as their registration with the authorities. Importing a vehicle also requires registration and licensing, which varies from country to country.

                                      Converting Driving Licenses: this is compulsory for non EU nationals (although conditions apply depending on your circumstances and country of origin). EXPAT-EXPRESS will file the paperwork with you and accompany you to meetings at administrative offices, if necessary.


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