Helping You Integrate Smoothly

Changing city, let alone discovering a new country and different culture requires time and a number of steps to smoothly adapt to your new environment. EXPAT-EXPRESS’s expertise, networks and knowledge of the region are at your disposal, to facilitate you and your family’s integration, including:

                                     Language Courses

Knowing and speaking French well is one of the keys to your integration in France. You yourself, your partner or your children can attend language courses, depending on your level and your respective schedules. EXPAT-EXPRESS helps you choose and sign up to courses in French as a foreign language, in order to facilitate your social integration. If you’re a Francophone, you may want to make the most of this experience to discover or perfect another foreign language.

                                      Sports, Leisure, Culture

If you play a sport recreationally or competitively, or you play a musical instrument, or you regularly go the cinema, theater, opera, attend concerts, or you have a hobby that you wish to continue doing alone, in a club or with other people who share the same passion as you, EXPAT-EXPRESS will help you find and sign up to groups, clubs and venues which offer your preferred sporting, cultural and recreational activities.

                                      Partner’s Professional and Social Integration

Your partner may want to find a job or occupation. EXPAT-EXPRESS can help by introducing you to the job market, organizations, associations. We can advise you on how to write a CV and cover letter for French employment, and also point you in the direction of professional networks and schemes, such as recruitment agencies and Human Resources consulting firms, depending on your field of work and professional skills.

In addition to sport, leisure and culture, your social integration will be facilitated by visiting different clubs and networks which organize meetings, outings or entertainment, which will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people more quickly; EXPAT-EXPRESS can also suggest associations and networks that are specifically for expats and new arrivals.


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