You are a company manager, the head of Human Resources or in charge of recruitment for a new associate within your company.

This new associate currently lives alone or with their family, in another French city, or in another country.

You could directly subcontract all aspects of their professional move to EXPAT-EXPRESS, so that they are ready to work in your company straight away. The effective and careful assumption of all the organizational, logistical, administrative and cultural aspects of their life change will absolutely guarantee that your associate and their family successfully integrate, and hence have peace of mind to concentrate on work. Failure to make these important steps towards integration could jeopardize their presence in the country, city and your company, thereby disrupting your company’s framework and creating significant and unexpected costs.

EXPAT-EXPRESS offers all of its services to your associate and their family, and collaborates even more directly with your company arranging a tour of the city and offering the chance to discover your new workplace and environment, if possible before signing the work contract. We will carry out immigration procedures (work permits, residence permits and renewals), social welfare formalities and social security registration, the requirements for specific training, and expense management (outsourcing the costs of moving for employees relocating).

With regards to the cost of the services for a professional relocation, EXPAT-EXPRESS considers all the possible allocations through financial aid and grants, and directly provides the paperwork, including the Mobili-Pass, which under certain circumstances fully funds the costs of finding and taking up new housing. In other cases, the costs of relocation can be fully or partly paid for by either the company or the future associate, depending on the agreements made during their recruitment.

EXPAT-EXPRESS works together with the company, associate and their family to make a quote for all the needs and services involved in the professional relocation, which will be carried out after all parties have come to an agreement. 

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