After time abroad you’ve decided to return and settle in France, alone, in a couple or with your family in Bordeaux, the Bordeaux metropolis, Bordelais vineyards, Arcachon Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean, the Gironde department or Aquitaine region, for professional or personal reasons.

You feel as though you are a foreigner in your own country, because you’re having to start certain processes from zero, as if you were settling in France for the very first time.

EXPAT-EXPRESS has developed real expertise in services aimed at expatriates as well as inpatriates, who will experience some rather similar processes. The EXPAT-EXPRESS team is bilingual in French and English, and has a high level of Spanish, in cases where your partner or children would feel more comfortable using another language.

EXPAT-EXPRESS will match your specific needs, provide a customized package and be by your side for every step of your professional, social and cultural reintegration, ensuring that your return is a complete success for you and the other members of your family.

EXPAT-EXPRESS will be able to meet you at the train station or airport for a tour of the city and introduction to key locations, including: the different districts, schools, sports centers, recreational and cultural venues. Once the decision has been made, EXPAT-EXPRESS will be by your side to organize and coordinate your move and the transportation of your personal belongings, find accommodation, choose schools and enroll your children according to their level and your requirements, carry out administrative procedures, ensure you integrate well both socially and culturally, guide you on a daily basis, and organize your departure if you are staying for a predefined period of time.

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